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Professional Development at South Pennine Academies

What kind of Professional Development should you expect from South Pennine Academies?

All of SPA’s Professional Development programmes have been carefully selected and designed to promote expertise over mere compliance training.

The courses and opportunities offered in the brochure are based around the following five principles as espoused by Heath Monk in his chapter, ‘Making Time for CPD’, from Managing Teacher Workload (John Catt Educational, 2016), to drive mastery, autonomy and purpose at all levels:

  • Access to genuine expertise: SPA will draw on internal and external expertise to build on the work undertaken between peers in schools. There will be no showmanship; all programmes are evidence-based and allow for discussion and practice.
  • Freedom to take risks: all courses and opportunities encourage participants to step outside of their comfort zone, challenge preconceptions and take a risk.
  • Feedback: embedded in the language of coaching, feedback is central to the ethos of all our programmes. All participants will receive honest and direct feedback.
  • Time for Reflection: there will be built-in time for teachers to reflect on their learning and progress.
  • Trust: there is an implicit expectation that teachers take responsibility for their learning, that they are accountable for it, too, because they are professionals who want to do the best for their pupils. All SPA Professional Development pathways seek to do this.

Ultimately, whichever pathway, course or opportunity a teacher chooses to follow, they will be assured of professional dialogue, a chance to practise, the opportunity to receive feedback, and time and space for personal reflection.

For further information on any of the opportunities laid out here, or to discuss suitability or appropriateness of a course, available funding, or to book, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the details on the front of this brochure or contact James Ashmore at

SPA Professional Development 2019/20

SPA Professional Development Pathways for Teachers 2019/20