Scheme of Delegation - Safeguarding and Child Protection






Receive reports and review KPIs as appropriate.

Is responsible for monitoring statutory compliance with respect to safeguarding and child protection on behalf of the Boards.

Ensure all academies are working effectively in a multi-agency approach, to support the safety of children and young people.

Maintain high-level professional development in relation to this area.

Provides safeguarding and child protection guidance for all academies.

Monitors the implementation of the safeguarding and child protection guidance.

Ensures all Board members have the appropriate child protection checks and are recorded on the central Single Central Record.

Appoints a member of the LGB who has a specific responsibility for ensuring the LGB is fully briefed on safeguarding and child protection in the Academy and undertakes safer recruitment training.

Receives summary reports including child protection, exclusions, attendance, behaviour in order to ensure the LGB is fully aware of the academy’s activity in this area and can support and challenge appropriately.

Undertake annual training as requested by the Principal.  


Is responsible for safeguarding and child protection within the Academy, ensuring a policy is in place.

Is responsible for ensuring a full trained DSL is in place. 

Ensure that a named person for Looked After Children is in place.

Is responsible for ensuring all staff receive annual training in line with statutory responsibilities.

Providing reports for the LGB

Complying with Trust Policies

Is responsible for ensuring timely completion of all audits relating to safeguarding.

Ensuring that the academy responds to local and national need / priorities.