South Pennine Academy

Information for Delegates/Trainers Visiting SPA Business & Training Centre


There is limited parking in the car park at South Pennine Academies Business & Training Centre.  From Lowfields Way, go right round the roundabout and then take the first left onto Lowfields Close and continue straight on through the gates to get to our car park.  Please do not park in Eastwood Financial Services' car park which you need to drive through to reach the SPA Business and Training Centre car park.  Do not park in marked Disabled, CEO, or Visitor.  Parking is at your own risk.

If the car park is full, alternative on-street parking can be found on Old Power Way.  From the SPA Business and Training Centre car park, turn right onto Lowfields Close, then left down Lowfield's Way.  Then go right round the double roundabouts to go back down Lowfields Way.  Old Power Way is on the left.  Walk back to SPA Business and Training Centre by crossing Lowfield’s Way.  Alternatively, you can continue on Lowfields Way to the roundabout and take the first exit down Saville Way.  Old Power Way is on the left; drive to the end of the road and park.

Disabled Parking

We have two disabled parking bays on site.  Please notify us at least 5 working days in advance if you require a disabled bay to be reserved.

Visitor Parking

We have one visitor bay on site which can be reserved for a trainer who has equipment that they will need to bring into the SPA Business & Training Centre.  Please notify us at least 5 working days in advance if you require a Visitor bay to be reserved.


We have three rooms each with an interactive touch screen, each with a built-in windows computer and HDMI input for external connectivity.  If you're wanting to use our computers to present content needs to be emailed in advanced as external USB drives cannot be used.  The training rooms can be opened into one large space with content mirrored on both screens.

We also have video conferencing capabilities in two rooms, a traditional setup for remote meetings and a second for remote presentations capturing the presenter and the screen at the front of the room.

Guest Wifi is available providing internet access.


If we are supplying lunch/refreshments for training or a meeting that you are attending, please inform us of any special dietary requirements at least 5 working days in advance.  Contact


Artisan Sandwiches visits the site at approximate 9.40am daily with a selection of sandwiches, pies, crisps, cakes and cold drinks.  Card and cash payments are accepted. If you would like a special order pls contact Adam at