South Pennine Academy

Our Vision, Values and Key Priorities


  • To develop a group of closely partnered academies

  • To ensure all academies are world class Centres of Excellence for Teaching and Learning

  • To ensure the Trust plays a pivotal role in improving the life chances of students

  • To develop local solutions and partnerships to meet local needs

  • To promote school improvement with inclusion and diversity at its core


South Pennine Academies believes in school improvement through a partnership model. This brings drive, expertise and capacity to the school improvement agenda.  We recognize and encourage each academy’s unique characteristics and ethos, reinforcing their individual identities within their respective communities. 

Working within a multi academy trust allows school to school support to flourish. Becoming part of our partnership will allow you to become a leader not a follower and be involved in shaping the partnership rather than having it shaped for you.

Key Priorities

  • Strong and effective leaders

  • High performing staff

  • Successful students

  • Engaged community

  • Resilient and sustainable organisation