South Pennine Academy

Health and Safety






Is responsible for setting overall health and safety policies.


Develops and monitors the group’s risk management framework.

Monitor and review the implementation of the group’s risk management framework.

Provides health and safety and risk management guidance and training for all schools including LABs.


Monitors the implementation of the health and safety guidance and policies.


Commissions professional health and safety audits with follow-up support and guidance at a local level.


Is responsible for monitoring statutory compliance with respect to health and safety on behalf of the Trust.

Appoints a member of the LAB who has a specific responsibility for ensuring the LAB is fully briefed on health and safety in the Academy and attends regular training sessions.


Receives regular summary health and safety reports (including copies of the professional health and safety audits) from the Principal in order to ensure the LAB is fully aware of the Academy’s activity in this area and can support and challenge appropriately.


The LAB is responsible for knowing and understanding the South Pennine Academies risk management framework including those areas in which the LAB is asked to contribute to action which mitigates, manages, reduces or exploits areas of risk.

Implements the Trust’s health and safety policies, guidance and training.


Is responsible for health and safety in the academy.


Implements recommendations from the professional health and safety audits.


Ensures the LAB is kept informed as to the group’s risk management framework.


Implements the Trust’s risk management framework.